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8 January 2020

In one of her monthly webinars for children’s, youth and family leaders, Rachel talked about how we can integrate Parenting for Faith values and skills into our big events, so that we grow parents and team as well as the kids.

You can see the webinar here, and we have put the key points below.

Create a vision for all

Rather than focussing on the children and seeing the parents and team as there to assist you reach your vision for the kids, create a vision for everyone who’ll be impacted by the event: kids, parents and team. What does God want to do for and with them?

Create structures that support and grow the team

  • Whether it is your regular team or a new team, you can set them up to feel supported and to grow. You might not have a lot of time to train them, but if you can help them understand the why, what and how of their role, they will find it easier to be who God needs them to be in that situation.
  • Think through what do absolutely need to know and what can they learn side by side? How can we help them learn in a way that works for them?
  • Enable the team’s voices. Check in with them. What’s going well? What are the kids saying? What questions do they have? How could we do that better?
  • Provide next steps for people who are keen.

Enable your vision for parents

  • Your parents will almost certainly be an incredibly mixed group: some from church, some not, some really engaged and others just grateful not to have the kids for a morning; some there every day and some hardly showing up. But it’s our job to connect with them and take them on the journey God’s got for them as far as they want to go.
  • Whose face is towards the parents? Can you find a small team of people who love making relationships and give them that role?
  • It’s easy to leave parents out of the loop on what their kids are learning. How can we share the information / tools / learning with them, and give them next steps to take home?
  • Create ways to invite parents in to your club.
  • Give parents confidence in who’s inputting into their kids by enabling them to get to know the leaders.


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Photo by Anna Samoylova on Unsplash