Prayer Ministry for Children – Leader’s Training for Churches Part 2: Additional training

5 September 2017

How do we help children who are struggling with something specific meet with God? This session covers specific questions about types of issues that may arise in prayer ministry with children, like fear, heart hurts, nightmares and healing.

Children want to connect with God about a range of things, and often those requests can lead us stepping into the middle of their relationship again. When they have fear or are hurt, we can want to pray for them, using all our words to intercede. While our children do need us to pray for them, their prime need is for them to connect with God for themselves. When these specific requests come up, how can we steward that experience well for them, enabling them to meet with God first for themselves? This session covers common issues that may come up when doing prayer ministry with children, and demonstrates how to modify the model to continue to enable children in prayer ministry.

This video is the second in a three part series of training videos on doing prayer ministry for children.

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Me and God © Rachel Turner licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 / cropped and scaled