Refresh – a different sort of toddler group

11 August 2021

How can we help parents and carers of young children meet Jesus? Caroline Montgomery talks about 'Refresh', a toddler group with a difference.

Caroline launched and runs a group called Refresh, which is a cafe where the focus is on the adults having a refreshing morning – physically (with fresh coffee and croissants, cafe music), emotionally (time to sit and talk with an amazing team of volunteers, make friends, enjoy a sense of community and belonging) and spiritually (with a short ‘thought for the day’ aimed at the adults to help them know more about God and how much He loves them) whilst also having a safe space for their children to play.

There are so many groups aimed at the children but very few that are aimed at nurturing the adults where they are in this season of their lives as parents of little ones. They’ve seen a huge amount of fruit from taking this approach and Caroline will help you to think through what refreshing parents and carers in your community might look like.

This seminar was recorded at the Nurturing Babies and Toddlers Spiritual Lives training morning in February 2021.


Baby girl sitting in the pram by Dotshock via Canva Pro