Springboard resources: Facebook Live

28 November 2020

Sometimes we give parents skills but then find they struggle to use them. Springboard resources are designed to help them jump into the skill without doing it for them.

It’s a bit like jump-starting a car: sometimes we just need help to get going. In this webinar for children, youth and families leaders, Rachel explains how to create springboard resources which will get parents over the hump of inertia or fear or awkwardness that’s stopping them using the skills they already have.

You can watch the video below, and we’ve added brief notes under that.

Three questions to ask:

In the scenario Rachel gives, she’d found the parents were finding it hard to start God-conversations with their teens. This is the process she went through to design a springboard resource to help them.

  1. What is the end goal? For parents to be able to  have natural and easy God-conversations with their teens at home.
  2. What are the barriers? What’s stopping them doing that now? They had the skills of asking questions and listening, but the barrier was they didn’t know the questions to ask to have a God-conversation.
  3. How will it work? A questions game that gave them jumping off points for conversations.

Because it was a jumping off point, it was designed to help parents own and learn skills for themselves, not tell them what to do.

Rachel also worked through:

  • a springboard resource she created to help parents navigate a formal baptismal service which enabled them to use their natural skills to coach their children through the service;
  • how you might create a springboard resource to help parents discuss Halloween with their children;
  • how you might create a springboard resource to help parents engage their more active kids with worship.