Strategic curriculum planning: Facebook Live

13 January 2021

As children's and youth leaders, a lot of our time can be taken up with curriculum. So how do we decide what to plan?

In one of our Facebook Lives for children’s, youth and families workers, Rachel suggests some steps you can take to refine your processes of creating curriculum, whether you are adapting someone else’s or writing your own.

You can view the webinar here and we’ve added short notes below.

  1. Discern your topic: What is the season that the children / young people / church is in now? What equipping / theology / ecclesiology do they need now to take their next steps? What is God asking you to talk about now? Consider who you want be involved in this stage, eg parents. Don’t feel that you have to jump on board with what the whole church is doing – it doesn’t necessarily serve the church best.
  2. Make a list of your main points: What do you want them to understand and what do they need to be equipped to do?
  3. Ask yourself – who do I have who can help with the equipping? There may be all sorts of people in church, not just children’s or young people’s workers
  4. What are your values? For example, always trying to empower children, or equipping parents. Build those things into the curriculum.
  5. Think about how you are going to build in what they’ve learned when you’ve moved on from the topic.

Questions Rachel answered:

What are some of the topics/themes people have found landed well in this season with families over the past few months?

How do you make your curriculum have space for spirit led/filled time over things like Zoom and pre-recorded services. What ways have you found most effective?

How do you deal with people who are disappointed by not using their good idea for next term?

We’ve stopped our weekly videos due to low engagement. Any suggestions on things that have actively engaged families effectively?


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