Summer Sundays: Facebook live

17 May 2019

Most churches do something different over the summer holidays. Whether it’s no kids’ groups, modified kids’ groups, all in the main service or a month of all age – or something different – planning summer Sundays is a kids’ leader’s headache.

So how can we plan summer Sundays so they work well for everyone? This was a topic Rachel tackled as one of our monthly Facebook Live events for children’s, youth and family leaders and you can see the video here.

And just to help, these are her main points:

Know your parameters

It doesn’t matter what your dreams are for the summer – transforming the church into an indoor picnic space with prayer stations and interactive video sessions – if it doesn’t fit with the plans your church leaders have. So go and see them nice and early and find out what the boundaries are. These may include we’re amalgamating services / giving all team a month off / expecting you to oversee a summer of all age services – or any other variation!

Create a vision that works within those parameters

What could provide spiritually powerful learning and experiences for kids and adults and work within the structure? For example, getting different generations and congregations to really connect and learn from each other? Or skilling up parents to help their children engage with the service? Or really focussing on helping children connect with God in a variety of ways?

Then have your crazy ideas

While having to reinvent your ministries just for five weeks feels like a massive pain, actually it can be a great time to go completely off piste with the church’s blessing! Spend time with your team chatting to God and let your brains run wild about what you might be able to do!

Focus on your fruit

After you’ve got all your ideas, decide which of these will achieve your vision. Which idea will mean parents and kids really learn alongside each other? Which idea will mean that we hear stories of real life faith across the generations? Which idea will help the kids navigate and engage with a traditional service?

So there it is – how to do summer Sundays in a nutshell! Happy August everyone!

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Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash