Tackling big questions from parents

12 March 2023

As children's, youth or family leaders, it's common to have a parent come up to us following a service or event, and ask our advice on some aspect of parenting their child for faith. However, we don't always feel equipped to answer!

For one of our Lunch with Leaders talks, Rachel Turner shared how to approach the tricky questions that the parents of kids in our children’s or youth groups may ask us.

From “My child hates coming to church – what are you going to do about it?” to “How should I tackle the fact that my teen is dating a non-Christian?”, Rachel gives children’s, youth and families’ leaders a tried-and-tested way of approaching these challenging topics. Watch below for a great discussion on how we can wrap around parents, and use their questions as an opportunity to disciple them as well as their children.

We’ve also added some useful links to Parenting for Faith articles that Rachel alludes to in the video.