Unwinding and additional needs: FAQs

19 Jan 2024
In session three of the original Parenting for Faith course, and session four of the Parenting Teens for a Life of Faith course, Rachel talks about how we are all on a life-long journey of developing our views of God. Along the way, our kids may get mixed up ideas that affect how they feel about God or what they understand about him. Parents and carers can help to spot and unwind any wrong views.

Supporting kids and teens with exams and tests

24 Apr 2023
Throughout their lives, our children and teens will be measured, marked and tested over and over again. Spelling tests, sports days, swimming badges, music exams, SATs, GCSEs, A-levels, driving tests. The list goes on.

Tools to try in 2023

14 Dec 2022
It took me a long time to realise this, but spiritual parenting is really not very different from the everyday parenting you do all the time - it's just a question of applying the skills and tools you already use to help them meet and know God.

Helping under 5s grow a balanced view of God

02 Jul 2021
Under 5s children are learning how the world works, and that can sometimes mean they make spiritual connections between things that aren't quite right. Here is one language tool to help our children grow a balanced view of God.