Elaine is an Assistant Pastor with many years experience as a Children and Families Pastor.

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Why connecting to God?

05 Jul 2017
Parenting for Faith is the same throughout history and we, as leaders, enter into that process by encouraging parents to celebrate faith.

Surfing the waves on a Sunday with kids

05 Jul 2017
Sometimes within a children's ministry there is a wave that we can surf to help disciple them in something specific. Elaine shares a story of surfing the wave of generosity within her ministry.

Take-homes that help parents in their natural flow

05 Jul 2017
When Sunday morning programmes communicate with parents, it can easily make parents feel like they are being given homework. But if we make a small pivot in how we communicate, we can help parents see the power of their everyday moments.

A catch story

05 Jul 2017
When we empower our children to catch God for themselves, they grow in confidence.