Awkward Biblical love stories

3 January 2020

How can we help children understand those tricky love stories we read in the Bible so it helps them think about their relationships?

Many of the stories about love and marriage we read in the Bible aren’t what we’d want for our children: for example, Jacob tricked into marrying Leah when he really wanted to marry Rachel, Esther who wins a beauty competition to marry the king, and the story of how Abraham sent a servant to pick out a wife for his son Isaac.

So how can we talk about these stories with children and young people so they are helpful for our children as they learn about life-long love and romance?

Rachel considered this question in episode 17 of the podcast, and she suggests that you can do that by asking questions such as:

  • Who is God in this story?
  • What can we learn from the women’s responses to their situation?
  • What are their life-stories after they get married?

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Image by 6557056 from Pixabay