How do I help my child respond when something evil happens?

18 August 2017

We live in a world where evil happens, and it can be horrifying and heartbreaking. How do we explain it as we try and parent for faith in the face of evil?

There are times when evil comes in this world and it’s horrifying. How do we help them walk the journey of really difficult things so they can come through closer to God?

Rachel shares four tools:

  1. Create Windows – talk to them about your feelings. Share how you’re talking to God and what your heart is feeling.
  2. Give them a framework – use the Bible to help teach them about evil and how God has overcome.
  3. Move their eyes from the evil to who God is – help them to refocus and get their eyes onto where God is and what he’s doing.
  4. Make them feel powerful – ask our children, ‘what can we do in response to this?’ and help them figure out how they partner with God in the pain.

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