In conversation with Krish Kandiah

27 November 2017

We caught up with Krish Kandiah, Founder and Director of Home for Good to chat about Parenting for Faith, adoption & fostering and being a Dad.

Join us in conversation with Krish Kandiah as he answers the questions below

•    You’re the Founder of Home for Good. Can you tell me a bit about how that started and your heart for adoption and fostering?

•    In order for our churches to be welcoming places for adopted and fostered children what do you think we need to do? Is our language and how we run services and events important?

•    For any parent a support network is really important, as churches how do you think we can support adoptive/foster parents, particularly when it comes to parenting for faith?

•    What do you think are some of the challenges of parenting for faith for adoptive/foster parents?

•    As well as Home for Good, writing masses of books and all the other things you’re involved with, you’re also a Dad. What does family look like for you?

•    How did you tell your children about your decision to foster/adopt?  Did you include them in the discernment process?

•    You often have children coming in and out of your home as you are a foster family.  This seems to be out of a deep sense of who you feel God is and what he is calling us as Christians to do. But you also are raising your own birth children.  How are you coaching them in those same values of loving the stranger and welcoming others into your home?

•    The children you welcome into your home may have a variety of faith backgrounds and as a foster parent I understand that you respect those.  How do you explain other faiths to your children, and how to honour and respect those from a different religion?

•    You have said that you became a Christian through a friend sharing his faith with you. What was your childhood experience of faith in your home?

•    Many parents who are first generation Christians struggle to figure out how to raise children who are connected to God because they never were.  What was your experience as new parents and what helped you find your first steps?

•    One of the skills we talk about in the Parenting for Faith course is creating windows for kids into our relationship with God, for example praying out loud or leaving the door open when we’re having a quiet time so they can see what it looks like for us to chat to him. How do you create windows for your kids into your relationship with God?

•    We’re going to be featuring posts on our website about different ways to approach Christmas. What does Christmas look like for your family?

•    Many parents travel away from home.  How do you maintain emotional and spiritual connection with your children when you are away?

•    Your book Paradoxology tackles some of the big questions we have about God, and impresses the importance of choosing to wrestle with those rather than shying away from them. How do you raise your children aware of that tension? And, help them with their questions about the Bible?

•    In Parenting for Faith, we are all aware that we are all on the journey of how to help our kids connect with God better.  What are you currently pondering that you feel like you haven’t quite figured out yet?

•    If you feel comfortable, can you share one of your favourite memories of Parenting for Faith?

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