Parenting adult children for faith

12 November 2019

We are often asked, can you parent an adult child for faith?

The answer is that if you are in contact with them then yes you can. It will look different from parenting them as teenagers, just as that was different from parenting them as toddlers. It’s a different stage, but much remains the same.

In episode 40 of the podcast Becky shared four ideas:

  • See yourself as their parent just as much as you did when they were younger. You can create windows into the adult world, framing them and being a wise and safe sounding board.
  • Let go of your dreams and accept them as they are. Don’t let disappointment or judgement become a barrier between you and your children.
  • Build a warm environment for them, however you can do that best in your circumstances.
  • Spend time chatting and catching with God for your child.

You can hear that part of the episode here.

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Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay