Growing confidence

We want our children to grow a healthy core of confidence that finds its source in their relationship with God rather than in themselves or what others think of them. In this topic we explore the approaches parents have which will enable them to parent their children for confidence, as well as seeing what this looks like in everyday situations. Rachel Turner’s book ‘Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence’, which expounds these ideas, is now published as part of the Parenting Children for a Life of Faith Omnibus.

Raising our children to be allies against racism

24 Oct 2023
Through current affairs and social media, we are becoming more aware than ever of the presence of institutional racism in various sectors of society. How can we parent for faith in a way that raises our children to be godly allies in the fight against racism?

Building your child’s confidence in making friends

19 Sep 2023
When we send our children off to school or other groups away from us, we can be anxious about whether they'll make friends. Will they be kind? Will others be kind? What happens if no one speaks to my child? How will they navigate the inevitable friendship fall-outs?

Using the family name

02 Aug 2023
There is ultimate power and authority in the name of Jesus. What a privilege, then, that as Christians, we have the privilege of using Jesus' name to seek God's kingdom - whether that's praying for healing, deliverance, or for situations to change.

How can my church support those heading off to university this Autumn?

12 Jul 2023
Many of us will have school leavers in our church congregations, and some of those leavers will be heading off to university in the Autumn. How can we wrap around these young adults to ensure a smooth transition, as they venture into the world and learn how to live a Christian life away from the safety of their families and home churches?

How can I prepare my teen for University?

12 Jul 2023
While some students opt to study from home, most home student undergraduates in the UK travel to a new location for university. As we see young adults move away from our physical proximity, taking on a new independence and responsibility for their life and faith, what are our prayers for them?

Talking to kids about decision making

22 Jun 2023
Children make decisions from a very young age - about what toy to play with, what to eat first and so on. But as they get older, and their decisions start to have more of a long-term impact, how can we as parents and carers help them to make wise choices?

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay