Growing purpose

God has purposes for each one of us, that we discover as we walk each day in relationship with him. As parents and carers we have the joy of helping our children discover the purposes and passions God has placed inside them, and seeing whom God is shaping them to be. In this section you’ll find stories and articles to encourage and equip you as you nurture the callings God has for your child, whether just for now or for a season or even a lifetime. Rachel Turner’s book ‘Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose’, which expounds these ideas, is now published as part of the Parenting Children for a Life of Faith Omnibus.

How can I prepare my teen for University?

12 Jul 2023
While some students opt to study from home, most home student undergraduates in the UK travel to a new location for university. As we see young adults move away from our physical proximity, taking on a new independence and responsibility for their life and faith, what are our prayers for them?

Disengaged or disinterested

18 Jun 2020
It’s our secret fear – that our kid will lose interest in God-stuff and walk away. But just because they seem disinterested or disengaged doesn't mean that they are.

Protests and purpose

12 Oct 2019
When we see protests on the news, how can we use them to help children and young people grow a sense of purpose and determination?

Photo by Rachel on Unsplash