Celebrating big and little things

16 June 2023

Spiritual disciplines can often be a challenge for time-poor parents - and yet perhaps our vision for what constitutes connection with God needs broadening.

Victoria Beech, founder of Godventure, joined us for an episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast to share about how to celebrate big and little things.

Children can be so observant of the little details in life, and Victoria shares what we can learn from them. She helps us to unpack any guilt we might feel about our quiet times not looking like they did before parenthood, and instead suggests that learning to celebrate the big and little things can lead to a broader, richer way of connecting with God.

Victoria has created this lovely Summer Thanks journal, a simple way to practise thankfulness with 31 thanks prompts, one per page with loads of space to draw, doodle or write what you’re thankful for. You can even get 10 to share with friends for only £2 each using the code: summer10


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