Encouragement for parents and carers

Oh my, raising children can feel hard! But you are doing a great job. In this topic you’ll find stories to encourage you as well as some that will make you laugh. Be encouraged!

When your child walks away from faith

13 Nov 2023
When we have prayed for our children to come to know Jesus for themselves, when we've nurtured their faith and created opportunities for them to grow, it can feel devastating when they make the decision to turn away from Jesus. But there is always hope.

Supporting each other as parents

08 Aug 2023
They say it takes a village to raise a child - but what is the significance of having a Christian ‘village’ around you as you bring up your children? How can we support each other well, and what difference does it make?

Using the family name

02 Aug 2023
There is ultimate power and authority in the name of Jesus. What a privilege, then, that as Christians, we have the privilege of using Jesus' name to seek God's kingdom - whether that's praying for healing, deliverance, or for situations to change.

Photo by Jeff Dunham on Unsplash