Supporting each other as parents

8 August 2023

They say it takes a village to raise a child - but what is the significance of having a Christian ‘village’ around you as you bring up your children? How can we support each other well, and what difference does it make?

On one episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast, we welcomed Becky Miles and Helen Smith. They host the Salty Mums podcast, which gives a faith-based angle on issues surrounding motherhood.

Becky and Helen met as new mums at their church, and know first-hand the value of having a supportive village around you in your church family.

Listen here:


  • Listen to the Salty Mums podcast or search ‘Salty Mums’ wherever you get your podcasts
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  • If you have a regular group of parents meeting to support each other, why not consider the Parenting for Faith course? It’s a fun and practical 8-week online video course, which is totally free to access.

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