Navigating the world

We live in a world which doesn’t share all of our values and beliefs. As we parent our children for faith, they can sometimes find themselves struggling with seeing how they fit into the world or they may find themselves isolated as they try to stay true to what they believe. As parents and carers our role is to help our children understand these conflicts and equip them to live well in a world that may not agree with them. In this topic you’ll find ideas about what that might look like for your kids and in your family.

Healthy conversations around pornography

21 Nov 2023
Today's parents are all too aware of the easy availability of pornography. How do we start and maintain healthy conversations with our children and teens around this area, and what do we do if and when our children have an encounter with porn?

Raising our children to be allies against racism

24 Oct 2023
Through current affairs and social media, we are becoming more aware than ever of the presence of institutional racism in various sectors of society. How can we parent for faith in a way that raises our children to be godly allies in the fight against racism?

Building your child’s confidence in making friends

19 Sep 2023
When we send our children off to school or other groups away from us, we can be anxious about whether they'll make friends. Will they be kind? Will others be kind? What happens if no one speaks to my child? How will they navigate the inevitable friendship fall-outs?

Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash