Preparing our young adults for university

3 August 2023

Whether or not a young person currently identify as a Christian, the student experience offers fresh opportunities to discover their own path of faith, exploring different churchmanships and worship styles, and meeting others whose enthusiasm about Jesus can be infectious.

How can we best support our children as they transition into University students? How can we as churches prepare and commission our school-leavers well? And how can we welcome new students into our churches and homes – aside from the obvious lure of offering free food?

In this longer episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast, Lucy asked Pippa Elmes all these questions and more. Pippa has been working with churches and students for 15 years, locally and then nationally with Fusion. She loves seeing others come alive in their calling.

As part of her Fusion work, Pippa has led the Student Linkup project, helping young people to go as empowered missionaries into university life and equipping parents and churches to champion school leavers as they head off on this great adventure. She still can’t get over the great potential and hope in this transition and loves to share that hope with churches, families and students.

Pippa is also a wife and mum of two young girls.

Listen to the episode here:


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