Using the family name

2 August 2023

There is ultimate power and authority in the name of Jesus. What a privilege, then, that as Christians, we have the privilege of using Jesus' name to seek God's kingdom - whether that's praying for healing, deliverance, or for situations to change.

To learn more about this, we invited the inspiring Olly Goldenberg to join us for this episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast.

Olly is a dad of five and, together with his wife Helen, founded Children Can, an organisation which helps churches and parents disciple children, believing that they can receive all that God has for them, and minister in amazing ways. Olly is a great believer that children can hear from God in the womb, and has some amazing testimonies of God working in and through children.

Like all our episodes this season, this conversation was loosely based around a chapter from Anna’s insightful new book, Being God’s Child.


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