Gaming and spiritual conversations

3 August 2021

Gaming can provide many opportunities for spiritual conversations with kids.

In an episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast Rachel spoke to Ben Jones, of Missional Generation, about how parents and carers, and youth and children’s workers, can approach and understand children and young people’s use of games, as well as how to use gaming as a launch pad for important conversations.

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In addition, check out our article and podcast episode Raising Children with Healthy Video Game Habits by Taming Gaming author Andy Robertson, as well as a later podcast episode Preparing for your child’s first smartphone.

Becky Sedgwick’s article Equipping Kids to Live Well with Social Media helps parents and carers to explore this area of modern parenting.

And Talking about Pornography might be a helpful article, as our children’s access to pornography can often widen through social media and gaming.


Image by Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro